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self help for childrenSelf-help for young children includes building healthy habits and routines that become a part of the day such as bathing, brushing teeth, hand washing, dressing neatly, and having good manners.  As you teach, reinforce and practice these skills in real life and role-playing, you will be helping children develop good habits and a sense of pride in their appearance and their healthy bodies. 

The stories, songs, activities and videos of PFL are a fun and memorable way to remind children that it is fun to take a bath, take care of their own personal hygiene, say please and thank you, and help themselves dress and groom.

 With core skills taught at a very early age, researchers and educators have proven children and parents both benefit from Self-Help skill building in Preschool.


Preschool Lesson Plans and Units I'm Ready, Here I Come! - English

im ready here i come sm

I'm Ready, Here I Come! Preschool Teacher Lesson Plans, Activities, Stories and Songs
Preschool Teachers Lesson Plan book includes 15 Lesson Plans focusing on social and emotional skills, thinking skills and social skills.

Product Description

I'm Ready, Here I Come! Preschool Teacher Lesson Plans, Activities, Stories and Songs promoting social skills school readiness.

I'm Ready, Here I Come Prekindergarten is a 15 Unit Book is designed to provide preschool teachers with useful materials to assist in helping children be ready to learn new things and be prepared to enter kindergarten.

Each unit is created around a story of friends at Ponder Pond. Reading aloud to children and sharing thoughts about the story will give opportunities to build language and literacy while teaching valuable skills in all areas of development, including social and emotional skills, thinking skills, and self-help skills.

Purchase the entire book, sections of the book that focus on teaching a specific skill development or purchase individual lesson plans. Available in English and Spanish. Accompanying Songs sold separately

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Individual Preschool Lesson Plans & Units I'm Ready, Here I Come! - English

preschool teachers lesson plans

Preschool Lesson Plan

  • A story focusing on preschool readiness development.
  • Lyrics to a PreSchool Fun Learning Song
  • Bright Ideas: activities to do with your children to reinforce developmental skills emphasized in the story.
  • Points to Ponder: giving you additional information to ponder or think about to understand how each child develops at a different rate and has different strengths and needs helping you meet your child's individual needs.

Self-Help Skills Lesson English

  • Individual Preschool Teacher Lesson Plans
    Spanish Self-Help Skills
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  • Billy Bob's Bath!
    I help myself, I bathe myself.
    Song: Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, Scrub-a-Dub-Dub
  • Zip, Snap, Button
    I write some letters. I know some letter sounds.
    Song: Zip, Snap, Button
  • Manners Matter
    I use good manners, I use polite words.
    Song: Please and Thank You
  • I Belong
    I Belong, I am loved.
    Song: Love Song At Pondering Pond

Product Description
I'm Ready Here I Come! by Llynda Fogle

Join Sparkle the firefly as she helps Billy Bobcat encourage himself to feel ready for school. All of the friends here at Pondering Pond are practicing "positive-self talk". By saying good things to themselves, the Pond Friends are building confidence. They are learning to sparkle and shine in all they do.

Available for purchase as an E-Book, Audio Book and Video Book. Accompanying song is available for individual purchase. I'm Ready, Here I Come! is also in

I'm Ready Here, I Come! Accompanying song in Spanish

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English Songs

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Self-Help Skills Lesson Plans in Spanish

Habilidades de la Autoayuda

  • Individual Preschool Teacher Lesson Plans in
    Spanish, Self-Help Skills
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  • Lesson Plans
    $3.99 each
  • El Baño de Billy
    Yo me ayudo. Yo me baño y me cepillo los dientes.
    Song: Burbujas

  • La Cremallera, el Cierra, y el Botón
    Yo me visto.
    Song: Abrocha y abotona

  • Los Buenos Modales Importan
    Ytilizo los buenos modales. Utilizo palabras amables.
    Song: Por favor y gracias

  • Pertenezco a La Charca Chévere
    Pertenezco Soy querido.
    Song: Canción de Amor

Preschool Storybooks: Spanish

im ready here i come book sm

Estoy Listo Aqui Vengo! 

Product Description
Descripción del producto
Estoy listo aquí vengo! por Llynda Fogle

Únete a la chispa de la luciérnaga como ella ayuda a Billy Bobcat alentar a sí mismo para sentirse listo para la escuela. Todos los amigos aquí en Pondering Pond están practicando "-positiva de sí mismo hablar". Al decir cosas buenas para ellos, el estanque Amigos están construyendo confianza. Están aprendiendo a brillar y brillar en todo lo que hacen.

Disponible para su compra como un E-Libro, Libro de Audio y Vídeo libro.Acompañando canción está disponible para compra individual. Estoy listo, aquí vengo!también está en disponible en español.

  • Preschool Songs, Title and lyrics in Spanish
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Spanish Songs

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Interactive Games

Dress the Bear

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