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self confidenceDeveloping self-confidence and self-reliance is a key part of raising resilient children. Yet it is a balancing act of freedom and control. Children learn self-reliance and self-confidence by knowing and feeling “I Can Do It!”  That takes the courage to try new things, be responsible and persevere when things are difficult.

The stories, songs, activities and videos of PFL help children develop these skills through encouragement and positive self-talk.  The characters at Pondering Pond help each other with encouraging and celebratory songs and positive affirmations. The stories of their adventures show how friends help each other and help themselves overcome challenges to be their ‘best me’ selves.

Teachers can access time tested and proven materials to boost self-confidence in their students.

Self Confidence Teacher Resources!

Preschool Fun Learning Self-Confidence

Pre-K Teaching materials for Teachers

Activities, Storybooks, Songs which develop the perception that one is capable of successfully making decisions, accomplishing tasks, and meeting goals. Available in English and Spanish.

im ready here i come smShare Time with Me Activities for School Readiness

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Sparkle and Shine Share Time with Me Activities for School Readiness

These activities for school readiness focus on skills in many areas of development. You can help the preschool child practice skills in language, pre-writing, thinking, early math, self-help, feelings and getting along with others. This activity book helps children practice skills to succeed in school.

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Preschool Storybooks: English

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I'm Ready Here I Come! by Llynda Fogle

Join Sparkle the firefly as she helps Billy Bobcat encourage himself to feel ready for school. All of the friends here at Pondering Pond are practicing "positive-self talk". By saying good things to themselves, the Pond Friends are building confidence. They are learning to sparkle and shine in all they do.

Available for purchase as an E-Book, Audio Book and Video Book. Accompanying song is available for individual purchase. I'm Ready, Here I Come! is also in available in Spanish.

I'm Ready Here I Come! Accompanying Song in English

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English Songs

Preschool Storybooks: Spanish

im ready here i come book sm

I’m Ready, Here I Come

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Estoy listo aquí vengo! por Llynda Fogle

Únete a la chispa de la luciérnaga como ella ayuda a Billy Bobcat alentar a sí mismo para sentirse listo para la escuela. Todos los amigos aquí en Pondering Pond están practicando "-positiva de sí mismo hablar". Al decir cosas buenas para ellos, el estanque Amigos están construyendo confianza. Están aprendiendo a brillar y brillar en todo lo que hacen.

Disponible para su compra como un E-Libro, Libro de Audio y Vídeo libro. Canción de acompañamiento está disponible para compra individual. Estoy listo, aquí vengo!también está en disponible en español.

I'm Ready Here, I Come! Accompanying song in Spanish

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Spanish Songs

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