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Special Needs Children Free Video

The resources in this section are designed to help you include young children with special needs into a developmentally-appropriate, inclusive environment with their peers. All children want to be loved, to matter and to belong. The best way to create this inclusive environment is through play. Everyone needs a friend and children are encouraged to reach a little farther, move a little faster, listen a little longer and delay gratification a bit more if it means they can be included.

You are invited to explore our resources –Some are FREE to you! Videos,  adaptations to the environment and fun-filled activities with modifications are here to help you create a place where everyone can grow and learn.

Preschool Fun Learning is here to help teachers and parents design inclusive environments for young children where everyone can learn and play!

These resources for inclusion are offered with the sincere hope that you will create a special place where everyone can learn and everyone can belong.

Professional Development - Songs promoting Friendship skills

Preschool Package Deals  Special Needs - English

Children with Special Needs Workshop Package.

Including Children With Special Needs Workshop assists preschool teachers in designing a program and curriculum which includes children of all abilities. Strategies, techniques, modifications, and activities for a variety of special needs are provided to help teachers and care givers create an environment where everyone is loved, everyone matters, and everyone belongs. This practical seventy-five slide Power Point workshop will empower you to say Yes! to including children of all abilities with an open heart, an open mind and an open door.

The materials presented are useful to home child caregivers, private preschool teachers, Head Start Teachers as well as parents who are interested in helping their children be a part of a community and  make friendships with their peers.

This Seventy-five slide PowerPoint presentation  is a wonderful and practical way to increase your confidence and your capacity to welcome children with special needs. Use this training workshop for one person or hundreds. It is an excellent in-service training workshop to empower teachers and caregivers  to create inclusive environments. Please Check out the FREE videos that are companion pieces to this workshop:  Special Times and Special Relationships.

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Preschool Special Needs Free Videos

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