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kidschillHere are some easy-to-use and fun resources to help you guide children as they learn how to get along with others, be a friend and have a friend.  These are not only school readiness skills but also important life skills to acquire. As teachers, we realize the critical importance of empowering our children with these simple but powerful abilities. How children choose to relate to others are skills which are ‘taught not caught’ and will affect their ability to have relationships throughout their lives.

The child-friendly stories, videos, songs and activities offered here will help children learn to be kind and learn about sharing and caring for others. They learn about solving problems, feeling concern for others and recognizing how their actions affect others.  When they practice these skills, they can see and feel the results.




A Friendship Place EBook! - English

Product Description

A Friensship Place ebook by Llynda Fogle

"A Friendship Place" printable, colorful, illustrated eBook promotes friendship for young children as friends gather around Pondering Pond to sing The Friendship Song. Children are able to read about the story friends, Beau Bear and Billy Bobcat, as they explore sharing, problem solving, managing feelings and getting along with others. Friends at Pondering Pond learn that there is room for everyone

Preschool Social Skills Lesson Plan Units
I'm Ready, Here I Come! - English

preschool teachers lesson plans

Preschool Lesson Plan Example

  • A story focusing on preschool readiness development.
  • Lyrics to a PreSchool Fun Learning Song
  • Bright Ideas: activities to do with your children to reinforce developmental skills emphasized in the story.
  • Points to Ponder: giving you additional information to ponder or think about to understand how each child develops at a different rate and has different strengths and needs helping you meet your child's individual needs.

 Friendship Skills

  • Individual Social Preschool Teacher Lesson Plans

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  • I am Me!
    I love all of me, I accept myself.
    Song: I Love All of Me
  • Sparkle and Shine
    I encourage myself. I am confident.
    Song: Sparkle and Shine
  • Do the Turtle
    I manage my feeling. I have self control.
    Song: Do the Turtle
  • Diddle, Daddle, Dawdle, Doodle
    I pay attention. I follow directions.
    Song: Diddle, Daddle, Do
  • Do the Bright, Right Thing
    I do the things I know I should. I stick to it.
    Songs: Fidgets & Stick to It!
  • A Pond Full of Feelings
    I have all kinds of feelings. All my feelings matter.
    Song: I Let My Feelings Show aka The Feelings Medley
  • Friendship Place
    I am kind. I think of others and share.
    Song: The Friendship Song

I'm Ready Here I Come: English

Product Description

I'm Ready, Here I Come! Preschool Teacher Lesson Plans, Activities, Stories and Songs promoting social skills school readiness.

I'm Ready, Here I Come Prekindergarten is a 15 Unit Book is designed to provide preschool teachers with useful materials to assist in helping children be ready to learn new things and be prepared to enter kindergarten.

Each unit is created around a story of friends at Ponder Pond. Reading aloud to children and sharing thoughts about the story will give opportunities to build language and literacy while teaching valuable skills in all areas of development, including social and emotional skills, thinking skills, and self-help skills.

Purchase the entire book, sections of the book that focus on teaching a specific skill development or purchase individual lesson plans. Available in English and Spanish. Accompanying Songs sold separately.

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