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Early Childhood Educator Professional Development Workshops

preschool teacher workshopsEnjoy these online teacher enrichment-training courses and grow professionally. The course work offered by Preschool Fun Learning is used to meet the educational needs of practitioners in a range of settings, including family childcare, preschool, prekindergarten, nanny care, ‘childcare’ centers, home school providers and public schools. Here you will discover a variety of quality teacher training modules, which are easy to use and promise to empower you with new skills.

These modules vary from one and half-hour trainings to all day seminars. Once you purchase a training module, you are free to use the materials as a part of your staff development… and they can be used with an unlimited number of participants.

These materials are research based and have been offered for professional development throughout the United States by Llynda Fogle for the last twenty five years. They are tried, true and tested with thousands of participants who are delighted with the practical and easy-to-use ideas in all areas of development.

"Emotional Intelligence", "Positive Interactions With Children" and "Phonemic Awareness" are just a few of the wonderful PowerPoints available for your classroom.


Living In Harmony: Teambuilding Skills for Managers and Supervisors

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Living In Harmony: Teambuilding Skills for Managers and Supervisors

In this workshop, we will explore different personality styles and how to get along with different kinds of people. Participants will investigate skill building strategies for strong teams such as being positive, proactive, being there for others, tuning in, respect, trust, and effective problem solving. Team building strategies will help the staff brainstorm new ways to collaborate and create the work environment a team hopes to have in their workplace.

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Special Times: Activities for Including Children of All Abilities

activities for preschool children

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Special Times: Activities for including Children of All Abilities

The focus of this workshop is on creating and adapting activities to include children with many different kinds of special needs. All domains of development and all areas of play and learning will be addressed. Participants will have the opportunity to ‘make and take’ activities that will support their efforts to include children of all abilities. This workshop is based on the work, “Special Places” a multimedia series produced by Llynda Fogle and published by the state of NC for including children with special needs into family childcare and childcare centers

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