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Parenting Tools: Physical Fitness for Young Children

Parenting Tools:  Physical Fitness for Young Children
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Can You Move Like Me Song
PLAY THE CLIP BELOW TO HEAR A SAMPLE OF THIS SONG "Can You Move Like Me"  is an upbeat song wi..
In and Out and Up and Down Song
LISTEN BELOW "In and Out and Up and Down" is a preschool learning song teaching directional words a..
Jump For Joy Song
LISTEN "Jump for Joy" is an energizing song for expressing enthusiasm through movement. The rock an..
Let's Get Moving Now Song
LISTEN The "Let's Get Moving Now" song encourages movement and physical fitness through dance,..
Play Day Song
LISTEN "Play Day" is a pre-school learning song about going outside to play. Physical fitness activ..
Animal Action Cards
Animal Action Cards are a part of the 'Let's Get Moving!' Teacher Activity Guide for Pre-K and kinde..
Animal Yoga Poses Musical Guide
"Animal Yoga Poses" musical guide helps children tune into their breathing and increase the awarenes..
Count the Moves Song
"Count the Moves" song gets the heart pumping and the brain connecting! The rhythm, rhyme, and repet..
Flora's Friendship Frolic interactive game
"Friendship Frolic" is an interactive musical game from the award-winning "Sparkle and Friends" Inte..
Jump for Fun Song
LISTEN BELOW The song "Jump for Fun", provides a 'rock and roll' way to get up and get jumping and ..
Let's Get Moving Teacher's Activities for Physical Fitness
Welcome to Let’s Get Moving!, a balanced and developmentally appropriate movement program for ..

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