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Llynda has the experience, wisdom and resources to lead, inspire and equip educators with the tools they most need now. As an award-winning author, composer and creator of quality education programs, Llynda has the unique gift of embedding sound educational skills in fun and creative stories, songs, games, videos and activities. She is a dynamic workshop leader and keynote speaker and an early childhood specialist. Her passion for helping children, parents and teachers has found expression in her lifetime of service as a classroom teacher, center director, educational trainer, and coach for early childhood teachers.

PreSchool Fun Learning Author, Llynda Fogel


  • B.A. St. Andrews Presbyterian College
  • Post Grad, Old Dominion University, Nova University, UNC
  • ECERS-R Eight Day Certification
  • PAS Program Administration Scale Certification
  • Head Start C.I.R.C.L.E. Literacy Trainer
  • CSEFEL Certified Trainer
  • Skilled Early Intervention Specialist
  • Assistive Technology Evaluator Certification
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer
  • Brain Gym Trainer Certification Level One
  • Attitudinal Healing Certified Facilitator
  • North Carolina Foundations Trainer
  • CLASS Pre-K Classroom Assessment Scoring System Observer Certification

PreSchool Fun Learning building skills

Llynda Fogle Story Telling

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