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Preschool Fun Learning - Testimonials

Preschool Fun Learning
Preschool Fun Learning 5/ 5 based on 1 30 ratings.

Ms. Fogle gave me lots of activities

Ms. Fogle gave me lots of activities to do with inexpensive materials. She made me think of more ways to expand literacy in the classroom. Sure a good workshop and please come back and do some more.

I can't wait

I can't wait to get more of your songs. My children love, love, love them awe sing "I Love All of Me" every day!

I learned so much at this training

I learned so much at this training. I really paid attention. A study is different from a theme. Understand and learn each child. Imagination is the key to helping children learn. In the block area you can work on math, literacy, shapes, language, social/ emotional and problem solving. In this great training, I learned that you learn better when you do things hands on versus hearing someone tell you what to do.

I really paid attention to this training and I learned that no child is not capable of learning. Through games, picture reading, storytelling and open -ended questions all children can be a part of learning.



Ms. Fogle was a very energetic person. I enjoyed her training, and felt we needed more days. Everything she presented can be used in my classroom.

Interesting and informative!

Ms. Fogle's workshops are so interesting and informative! Our staff really benefited from the concise way strategies for building relationships with children were presented. This is an easy, economical and reliable source for providing staff development in house.

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