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Lets Get Moving Childrens WorkshopThe “Let’s Get Moving” activities, music and yoga for kids materials provide some easy new songs and activities to help you encourage your children to get up and get moving. These materials guarantee that your children will move and groove to the catchy tunes and learn valuable ways to develop all the large motor skills necessary for growth and development.

Preschool Fun Learning is dedicated to helping educators and parents receive the proper tools to help children develop strong healthy bodies.


Lesson Plans & Activities Book Physical Fitness Fun - Let's Get Moving!

Let's Get Moving!
Six Lesson Plans & Activities for Preschool Children focusing on physical fitness fun.

Product Description

Let's Get Moving! Preschool six Lesson Plans and Activities book is a balanced and developmental appropriate movement program for young children. Lesson plans and activities complement all domains of skill development using multiple learning areas and provide creative ideas for incorporating physical fitness into your daily routine.

This program was developed to support the National Head Start Standards for Physical Development and Health and Social and Emotion Development, as well as, the National Standards for Physical Education and Appropriate practices in Movement Programs for Young Children ages 3 to 5. Songs and Animal Movement cards sold separately below.

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Physical Fitness Activity Flash Cards

  • Let's Get Moving! Animal Movement Activity Cards - Set of 12 Cards - $1.99

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