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food pyramid

Here are some simple ways for you to encourage your children to develop healthy eating habits and a positive attitude about food that will last a lifetime. Lifelong eating habits are formed in the early years. You can guide the way by setting an example of making healthy food choices and providing a happy mealtime atmosphere of love and learning.

PreschoolFunLearning.com is dedicated to helping educators and parents receive the proper tools to instruct children in the import Social Skill Building techniques.

Preschool Fun Learning Nutrition

preschool teacher plan nutritionPreschool Nutrition Lesson Plan

Product Description:

Preschool Education - Nutrition Notes A balanced and developmentally appropriate nutrition program for young children includes 6 Lesson Plans.

A comprehensive six lesson plan preschool nutrition program is designed with the Nutrition Notes, sing-along music (sold separately below), and classroom activities to encourage children to develop a healthy attitude about good nutrition.

Nutrition Notes has six Lesson Plans and activities complement skills development in all domains of learning and utilize multiple learning areas of the classroom we must begin early to teach children positive attitude and healthy choices about food to ensure their physical, emotional and mental health.

Nutrition Education for preschool age children needs to happen every day. This program was developed to help you send consistent messages about good nutrition every day. These materials support the National Head Start Standards for nutrition/health and reflect the good food criteria of the revised USDA Food Pyramid for young children.

  • Six Preschool Nutrition Lesson Plans - $7.99

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