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Preschools Thinking SkillsCheck out our stories, songs, activities, videos and games here at PFL to explore thinking skills. The characters at Pondering Pond in our materials help young children learn about counting, letters and writing, colors and directional words as they sing it, say it, hear it, do it and know it.

These materials are research based and have been offered for professional development throughout the United States by creator, Llynda Fogle. They are tried, true and tested with thousands of participants who are delighted with the practical and easy-to-use ideas in all areas of development. Parents comments and suggestions are welcome!

Professional Development - Phonological awareness

Preschool Fun Learning Thinking Skills

Pre-K Teaching materials for Parents
Songs, Storybooks, Ebooks, and activities that teach children the ability to interact with and develop positive relationships with peers, develop special friendships, solve problems and show care and concern for others specifically focusing on developing of friendships, cooperation, sharing, taking turns, resolving conflict, expresses empathy and sympathy for others, recognizes how actions affect other and accepts consequences of one’s actions. Available in English and Spanish.

Counting Games Number Names Video: English

Product Description

Counting Games Number Names Video by Llynda Fogle

 "Counting Games, Number Names" is a preschool fun-filled musical video with puppet characters Beau Bear and Billy Bob Cat, Flora Frog, the Duckling family and animated Sparkle the Firefly teaching children  about numbers and counting to ten. Children learn about counting many things, one-on-one correspondence and numerals. "The Counting Song", and "Counting Games, Number Names" individual lesson plan is also available.

I'm Ready Here I Come! Accompanying Song in English

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English Songs

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Storybooks: Spanish

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I'm Ready Here I Come! by Llynda Fogle

Join Sparkle the firefly as she helps Billy Bobcat encourage himself to feel ready for school. All of the friends here at Pondering Pond are practicing “positive-self talk”. By saying good things to themselves, the Pond Friends are building confidence. They are learning to sparkle and shine in all they do.
Available for purchase as an E-Book (English/Spanish), Audio Book (Spanish Only) and Video Book (text in Spanish and English, audio in Spanish). Accompanying song is also available for individual purchase.

I'm Ready Here, I Come! Accompanying song in Spanish

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Spanish Songs

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Interactive Games

Body Parts
Match Up
Pond Friends Coloring
Dress the Bear


Counting Games, Number Names
Sparkle and Shine
Sparky's Brave Day

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