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Preschool Activities eBook

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Sparkle and Shine Share Time with Me Activities for School Readiness Package Deal

These activities for school readiness focus on skills in many areas of development. You can help the preschool child practice skills in language, pre-writing, thinking, early math, self-help, feelings and getting along with others. This activity book helps children practice skills to succeed in school. Contact us for a Free download of a couple pages from this package:

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Pre-K Learning Digital Games & Activities

Sparkle and Shine Games And Activities

Sparkle & Shine Downloadable Preschool Games & Activities. These are award winning games for teaching your children interactive learning skills using our creative and easy to learn games.
Games are an essential part of interactive learning. These games are created using flash and will require you to download the zip file and open the html game page on your local computer.

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  • sparkle shine games activities 1 sm Preschool Games & Activities
  • The award-winning "Sparkle and Friends" Interactive Game "I Love All of Me" gives children the opportunity to learn body parts, create different emotion faces with the character Beau Bear, dress the bear, and build a bear using the different parts of his body. Through these entertaining game activities, children learn to identify the facial expressions associated with emotions, identify body parts and practice dressing the bear in different outfits – as a surfer, a fireman and a ball player.
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  • sparkle shine games activities 2 sm Preschool Games & Activities

  • Sparkle and Shine Interactive Games game 2 is "Pond Art." It lets children paint their six "Pond Friends" animals choosing from a palette of paints. Each painted portrait of the animals is printable. Children can paint, erase, change and create a variety of different animals. There is no one right way to make each animal, and children are encouraged to be creative.add to cart
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    Preschool Games & Activities
  • "Friendship Frolic" is an interactive musical game from the award-winning "Sparkle and Friends" Interactive Games. This game invites children to help Flora Frog dance to a variety of upbeat tunes. Children can change her moves, choose the music they wish to play and learn directions like up, down, right, left and around. Three fun songs are included to choose from: Bubble, Bubble,Bubble, In and Out, and Jump for Joy!
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    Preschool Games & Activities
  • This fun-filled interactive game is one of seven games which are part of the award-winning "Sparkle and Friends" interactive games and activities for young children. In this fun game, children have to focus and pay attention and help the ducklings get down the obstacle-filled river filled in the shortest amount of time.
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